Are you struggling with a life transition? Do you find it difficult to make the changes that you desire? Is it a challenge for you to find the motivation to reach your goals?

Your journey of resilience continues here.

Please allow me to introduce myself! My name is Dr. Chalice C. Rhodes. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, Board Certified- TeleMental Health Counselor, Christian Counselor, and Clinical Trauma Counselor.

I have worked in the social services field for over twenty- five years. At various points in time, over the years, I have specialized in licensed professional counseling with youth, couples, families, groups, men, and women. I have been in private practice for almost four years, and specialize in empowering women to reach their full potential while authentically living their best lives.

My compassion, empathy, and passion to serve the people has been evident since childhood and throughout my career. Working together, my clients have experienced much success with achieving their goals.

I welcome you to contact me today to discover our professional connection. I offer a FREE 15 minute video consultation. I serve clients in Georgia, Florida, Delaware, and New Jersey.

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About Dr. Chalice C. Rhodes, PH.D., LPC, NCC, BC-TMH

Dr. Chalice is a specialist in empowering people to reach their full potential, while supporting their transformation to authentically live their best lives, despite life’s challenges! She also educates through her Dr. Chalice, Teach! app. In addition, she is passionate about health equity, providing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging consulting.

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